Sunday, November 25, 2018

Keeping It Simple During Christmas

Yes, I know, we all say it -
gonna keep it simple this year -
BUT I MEAN IT this time
Because I work 3 days a week in an office,
I find I need a TO DO list this time of year
My plan is 
simple gifts
simple decorations
simple meals
I offer to you in my online shop
simple treasures
if you need an order specially wrapped
please let me know
I hope to entertain you with much more
on simple ideas
in the next posts!

Thank you so much for leaving a comment!
It really makes my day!


  1. Everything so very adorable, dear Rhonda, love your simple Christmas pieces ,- and hope you are feeling all well. Hugs and love, Dorthe

  2. Ahhhh, your goodies are so enchanting, every time dearest Rhonda!

  3. So pretty Rhonda. Love all of these sweet creations.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas.


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French