Friday, April 8, 2011

The Beautiful Notre Dame

We can walk to Notre Dame, it is that close to our hotel. We strolled slowly to Notre Dame, shopping along the way. It was very warm today in Paris and I thought it was going to cool.

Paris is an amazing city, very busy, very lively, everything I love is here. The cafes are sweet, the restaurants are plentiful. Menu chalkboards everywhere, open doors, baskets of bread, waiters and so many different bottles of wine and water. Oh, the fromage, the fromage, is so good.

 One Happy Gal in Paris......a self portrait

Bonsoir, until tomorrow xoxoxo Rhonda


  1. So happy to read about your first
    trip to Paris! I understand how
    excited you must be, as I remember
    so well my first trip! Beautiful
    pictures! Enjoy!

    Flora Doora

  2. chere rhonda...i cant' tell you how much i jump out of my seat when i see another post from you on my reading list...coming to us all the way from france!!! notre dame looks amazingly beautiful and everything you have are seeing and experiencing just takes my breath away as i am sure it does yours! that smile is all i need to know that you are beyond happy to be there. keep these posts coming! missing you here in the US!

  3. A trip to Notre Dame without leaving my couch - thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're having a great time.

  4. Such beauty! You've caught the essence and shared it with us again! Great photos. Love the shots of the details. Hope it cools a bit for you. Have a great time!
    Blessings, Doni

  5. I'm enjoying your travelogue. Hope you're having a great time!

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    I was just there with my sister in November, and your photos of that magical place are bringing back such wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip with us!

  7. You have certainly brought the good weather with you!! Isn`t it just divine!!!

  8. Some wonderful pictures here.
    Like those menu chalk boards.
    In all probability, I should be there this August.

  9. Beautiful!

    Vive le fromage francais!

    I think the lack of neon signs and billboards is really one of the best features that lends the city to romance! Chalkboards everywhere! How great is that! So charming!!

    Keep it coming!

    Ciao Bella!

    Oh, i almost forgot! If you are out in the sunshine today and you look down and see your shadow...that's me...say hello!

    Creative Carmelina

  10. Oh my word! I can't tell you how inviting it all looks, my favorite photos are the street scenes....dreamy!

  11. You surely looks happy and beautifull, sweet Rhonda, and the photoes from Notre Dame are fantastic...I can imagine how much every minute is enjoyed, dear,
    enjoy a bit for me ,too :)

  12. I'm so enjoying "YOU discovering Paris and France" for the first time.
    Notre Dame is looking beautiful after the cleaning and restoration progam.
    I last visited her October 09 while the cleaning was happening - such a transformation!!!

    You and your camera are capturing the essence of french life - thank you, I love it all!

    How long are you there for?

  13. hi Rhonda, I am so glad you took that self portrait so we could all see your happy face and how much this trip really means to you.
    We are all so lucky to have a friend like you who takes the time to share it with us.
    I am just so happy for you and I am in love with the beauty of it all.
    The romance the simpleness the Chalkboards!!
    Are you sure you want to come home?
    I think we might lose you to this city. LOL

  14. So good to see your smiling face! Look at you, lookin' all Parisian! So happy for you! Thanks for sharing! Miss you! Rhonda...

  15. Break out the smelling salts... this is like a slice of Heaven on Earth... seriously!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Awesome photos, Rhonda!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. OMG! You totally have the Parisian girl thing going on.



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