Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Last Day in Paris

My last full day in Paris started out very slow, room service and enjoying the morning.

What beautiful weather and for my last full day in Paris, Deb and I walked to the Jardin du Luxembourg. What a very beautiful place this is and only 1 block from our hotel. 

See the Eiffel Tower?

Wonderful fountains

Beautiful monuments

Parisienne's enjoying a warm Sunday at the Jardin du Luxembourg

For mon amie, Michelle, found in a cafe during lunch today.

When you end your day with a macaroon, it's all good.

Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. This has been a dream come true, I've waited many years to visit Paris and was literally everything I expected. They do walk down these old streets with warm bread in their bags, they have a passion for food like I've never seen, they dress to the nines and they will smile if you smile. I've got all my wonderful memories, photos and gifts.  Now, if I could only figure out their trains and subways, I'd be happy. Oy - I can only say I know more this week than I knew when I first arrived. C'est la vie.

I miss the man of the house and Sophie so much and they miss me. So home I must go but I've left a piece of my heart here in this beautiful city of lights. Au revoir Paris, I will be back one day.

xoxoxoxo Rhonda