Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Last Day in Paris

My last full day in Paris started out very slow, room service and enjoying the morning.

What beautiful weather and for my last full day in Paris, Deb and I walked to the Jardin du Luxembourg. What a very beautiful place this is and only 1 block from our hotel. 

See the Eiffel Tower?

Wonderful fountains

Beautiful monuments

Parisienne's enjoying a warm Sunday at the Jardin du Luxembourg

For mon amie, Michelle, found in a cafe during lunch today.

When you end your day with a macaroon, it's all good.

Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. This has been a dream come true, I've waited many years to visit Paris and was literally everything I expected. They do walk down these old streets with warm bread in their bags, they have a passion for food like I've never seen, they dress to the nines and they will smile if you smile. I've got all my wonderful memories, photos and gifts.  Now, if I could only figure out their trains and subways, I'd be happy. Oy - I can only say I know more this week than I knew when I first arrived. C'est la vie.

I miss the man of the house and Sophie so much and they miss me. So home I must go but I've left a piece of my heart here in this beautiful city of lights. Au revoir Paris, I will be back one day.

xoxoxoxo Rhonda


  1. Oh it must be so hard to leave!!!! Your photos are delightful... what a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon! I haven't been across the pond in ages, but I do remember leaving a little piece of me behind when I had to return home (I think that's what calls us back for a return trip)!

  2. ...WHAT?? NO!!!
    has it been a week already????
    I was just getting used to visiting Paris and all the wonderous things that it has to offer through your eyes (and such beautiful eyes might I add!!)
    I know you shall return one day, and perhaps on that trip, I will be there too:)
    thanks for the spectacular week in a most beautiful place:)
    ~ and wishing for a safe trip home...

  3. Sweet Rhonda, I wish you a safe tour home--thankyou for taking us with you, on this beautiful trip to Paris- I love the photoes from -Jardin du Luxemburg--
    see you from home, soon ,I hope.

  4. Oh, a treat for the eye. How nice that you will have this blog as a reminder. Almost like being there.

  5. Dear Rhonda;
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely trip!!! I was very excited to see your beautiful pictures and I felt your happiness through your words. I LOVE Paris and I didn't visit it in April. I was there New Year's Eve but it was as magical as in spring!!! Thank you for bringing that magic back and I wish you a safe trip home!!!
    best regards,

  6. rhonda I can't thank you enough for sharing your journey with us.
    I feel like I was right there with you enjoying it all.
    I hope you had a dream of a time and I know you get home sick but doesn't it make you sick to leave such a beautiful place?
    It just boggles my mind the history and how old it all really is...ahh brain hurts. LOL
    I can't wait to see your gets and more pictures.
    Have a safe flight home.

  7. Rhonda, I could hear and feel the excitement in your heart when you arrived in Paris and now I can hear and feel the touch of sadness as you prepare to leave. The 'man of the house' and Sophie will be SO happy to have you home and the excitement of Paris will return as you begin to share with them all your visits to those special places and all about the food, wine and your dream having come true. You'll always have Paris and all though you have left a little portion of your heart in that beautiful city ~ a piece of Paris has come home with you. Safe journey and thank you for sharing your dream with all of us. Hugs, Marilyn

  8. I wish you didn't have to leave yet. I am so glad that you had a wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing more and seeing more pics. Oh how I long to return one day with the girls. It will be so much fun when the day comes, especially when we explore the flea markets! Have a safe flight home and I hope to chat with you soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your trip. It's been a nice "escape" for me. xoxo Rhonda...

  9. Thanks for taking the time to connect and share the wonders of Paris and all of its romance!
    It really is a great thing when our dreams come true!! and I'm so happy for you.
    Have a safe trip home!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  10. this is the closest i've ver been to paris....through YOUR eyes...YOUR heart and it has meant so very much to me. that you would photograph a sweet oiseaux and think of me made my heart very happy mon amie! i can hardly believe it is time for you to come home. but we ALL miss you and can't wait to hear more about this most magnifique adventure! safe travels and God speed!

  11. Dear Rhonda, Seeing your beloved Paris through your eyes this week has been such a wondrous treat -- a feast for the eyes and the heart! Thank You so much for sharing your love and your beautiful moments spent in this magical city of light! I always adore visiting your blog and this week has been such a precious adventure, indeed!

  12. Rhonda,
    Your pictures are stunning, can't wait to see what wonderful memories you bring home with you, boy that seemed like s short trip to me...I can only imagine how time flew for you!
    Safe travels........:)

  13. Dear Rhonda
    Oh no, your week has flown by so fast....
    Your itinery was so well planned, and you've now got the most fantastic photos to bring your memories to life once you get home.
    Yes, France is in my blood too and every time I visit I leave a little part of me behind!!
    Thank you for your Parisienne posts, I enjoyed them all and especially Le Petite Trianon and the the Flea market... ANd of course my imaginary bite of your macaroon!!!

  14. I do thank you for taking us along on your wonderful Parisienne adventure! Of all the Countries my Family traveled, they often said that France had a Joy of Life like no other and it is refreshing to see that hasn't changed all these many years later.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. What a wonderful time you must be having....I will live vicariously through you my friend!


  16. Hello Rhonda, I am sorry you have to leave, but your post is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I almost feel if I were there. It looks like you had just beautiful weather. Have a safe trip home. Can't wait to read more about your dream trip. Hugs, Terri

  17. Oh Rhonda im so glad you have enjoyed your Dream holiday and have such wonderful memories too.

  18. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip Rhonda but really, who wouldn't - a trip to Paris in the Spring??! Looks like the weather was perfect too.

    It's lovely to travel but oh so nice to come home too - you will have your memories and treasured purchases to reminisce over once you are home and no doubt you will have been inspired with lots of new ideas for your artwork.


  19. Bonjour Rhonda,
    just wanted to say merci for taking us along and wishing you a safe trip.

  20. Oh Honey, thank you so much for sharing your last day in Paris with us. These pictures really make me want to go more than ever!

    One thing I notice is that there are no obese or even over-weight people. I love the "French Women Don't Get Fat" series of books and it looks like their lifestyle really makes them very happy and healthy!


  21. Are you serious!!! A week has gone by that quickly??? Rhonda, those monuments are breathtaking ... I would take those memories home with me ... forever.

    These images are like those from a magazine ... scrumptious!

  22. Thanks for the French Sunshine, Rhonda!!!!
    Was thinking of you yesterday and wondering: did you take any of your antique altered bottles to fill with Paris air?

  23. I'm glad you've had this trip. The memories will last forever.

  24. The most beautiful week in Paris you lucky thing I hope to go one day. I have loved sharing Paris through your photos and words thank you for taking the time out of this precious time you had to keep us up to date. Have a safe trip home

    Love Dawn xx

  25. Nice you enjoyed Paris, yes it is a lovely town!And you had a beautiful weather and took nice pictures! Have a lot of nice remember,

    au revoir,


  26. We are not from France but Canada now living in America but my father and mother went to France years ago. I love France and even had a French potting shed themed birthday last year. Can you speak french? I can and so can some of my family. You can read my blog.


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