Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little More of Paris

I keep getting emails asking for more Paris images and you know I aim to please.

To get you in the mood - you must see this quick video I took in Paris - I just love it!
(sure hope this works...I've never downloaded a video to my blog before this)

Some random daily shots of Paris, oh the memories....

The gorgeous trees in the park behind Notre Dame

Now this is what I call green

Doorways in Paris amazed me

The streets were so romantic and dreamy

Wrought Iron calls to me

This one is for Terri and Rhonda
Me and Marie - she said to say hello to you both!

In Versailles, all I could think of was getting to the Petit Trianon

Behind the Petite Trianon is a bridge to a long walk to the Hamlet, where Marie Antoinette spent
a lot of her days away from the palaces

From what I've read - she was happiest here, can you blame her?

Touching a gate that Marie Antoinette touched was the highlight of my whole trip
(never mind the ugly shoes, they were comfy).

Au revoir on this Saturday morning....have a wonderful day mon amies.
xoxoxo Rhonda