Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little More of Paris

I keep getting emails asking for more Paris images and you know I aim to please.

To get you in the mood - you must see this quick video I took in Paris - I just love it!
(sure hope this works...I've never downloaded a video to my blog before this)

Some random daily shots of Paris, oh the memories....

The gorgeous trees in the park behind Notre Dame

Now this is what I call green

Doorways in Paris amazed me

The streets were so romantic and dreamy

Wrought Iron calls to me

This one is for Terri and Rhonda
Me and Marie - she said to say hello to you both!

In Versailles, all I could think of was getting to the Petit Trianon

Behind the Petite Trianon is a bridge to a long walk to the Hamlet, where Marie Antoinette spent
a lot of her days away from the palaces

From what I've read - she was happiest here, can you blame her?

Touching a gate that Marie Antoinette touched was the highlight of my whole trip
(never mind the ugly shoes, they were comfy).

Au revoir on this Saturday morning....have a wonderful day mon amies.
xoxoxo Rhonda


  1. Thank you for taking us on this delightful tour of lovely Paris! I saw a Magazine article on that Hamlet Marie created, I saved it, the photos were breathtaking! I can only imagine visiting it in person. *swoon*

    The flowers on those trees were unbelievable... and the doorways... good Lord, I'd be bumping into everything because I'd be looking up constantly so that I didn't miss anything! *winks*

    Easter Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Wow. I'm so glad you posted some photos. I'm really, really enjoying them and your narratives. It is so beautiful there. Thanks.

  3. Oh, I do love the pictures. I went to Paris many years ago. Thanks.

  4. Rhonda, thanks so much for the lovely photos of Paris! Until we can get there, I can visit through your blog.

    Wishing you a Blessed Easter also!

  5. oh i loved the video! hearing that French music play on a Paris street corner.... so very french! I would have ben in heaven just sitting THERE all day. And, of course, i can't imagine touching the e at the Petit Trianon! Mon dieu..i would have fainted! You look so happy mon amie! i am so happy still for you that you had this adventure! have a blessed easter week-end!

  6. wow amazing!!!
    Oh i can't wait to go someday
    I just can't even wrap by brain around how old it all really is and like you said being there and touching things that these people in our history books lived everyday.
    Aaaa, soooo coool!
    That pink tree is gorgeous!!!
    I want to have that outside my window to wake up to.
    Thanks for letting go on this journey with you :)

  7. Joyeuses Pâques Rhonda!
    Lovely post and video.
    Poor Marie Antoinette arriving into French court life at just 14, no wonder she sought solace in her little hamlet...
    Did you think the flea market prices a rip off?
    Paris is my fave city, but one needs a good sized wallet!
    Loving all your feedback and photos!

  8. Wonderful pics, but you still have to share more, lol. The green tree is so luscious! Do you know what it is? Wouldn't you love to take one of those enamel number plates? And do I even need to say my thoughts on your walks where Marie once walked? I dream to do that one day! Thanks for sharing my friend! xoxo Rhonda...

  9. Ugly shoes be damned..they were walking in Paris!!! That is enough!! LOL!! OMG that tree was so green...I saved it as my screen saver. LOVE LOVE the color. The video was so cool. You saw such a different Paris then I did...but then you did the "female" version and not the bored husband version that I did!! Maybe we should go together? Thanks for sharing your memories of Paris with us!

  10. Rhonda I have loved seeing all your posts about France/Paris. We are supposed to go this fall & I am nervous since we don't speak the language. I have heard so many horror stories that I think it intimidates me. Then I see your post & I think YES!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh Rhonda, Thank you so much for such a beautiful post, oh that green tree is sooooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing Marie with us. I almost feel like I am with you. I really appreciate you sharing your beautiful trip with us. Have a wonderful week Rhonda. Thank you. Hugs, Terri

  12. More! More! We can't get enough:) Rhonda, your photos have inspired me to take the plunge,spend more and go during the spring. I have usually gone in Feb/March, the off-season, to save money. My one experience in June was too hot. But your flower shots are so incredible!! And with sunny skies I can see the true colors and vividness of Paris in all your pics.

  13. Beautiful photos, am now following religiously! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love it, please include me in your giveaway!!! Rosa

  15. Paris is absolutely beautiful, but the traffic is just plain scary! The architecture was breathtaking. I wish that I would have been able to do some shopping while I was there.


  16. Love your photos! It took me right back to my trip to Paris and all the memories!


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