Tuesday, April 5, 2011


(My first lunch in Paris)

Ah, Paris is exactly how I have always pictured it. Amazing and with every time you turn a corner, every time you walk down a different street, it is beautiful. I stop and take a photo and soak it all in. The smell of fresh bread is in the air. It is 63 degrees, just perfect of walking around and shopping.

(Le View last night from my room's window)

(Hotel Lobby)

(Our Continental Breakfast at the Hotel)

After a long flight and a very long day yesterday, I think I am pretty much on Paris time. I have so much to tell you already but for now I am going to share a few photos and post more later.

(For Rosemary, this dress in a window display had your name on it)

Le Lost in Paris

Wish me luck, I got lost today shopping but it was quite the experience asking for directions.
The French have been extremely helpful and nice.  I love this city.

Until tomorrow! Bonsoir - Rhonda