Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La Tour Eiffel

I saw the Eiffel Tower from the #82 Paris bus, as we turned the corner, there she was. A French passenger across the aisle from me smiled as she saw the excitement in my face. She proceded to help us figure out when to get off the bus. It does drop you off right there at the Eiffel Tower. She was speaking to me in French and I did not understand too many words but I was so grateful that she tried to communicate with me. It was sweet and such a very nice gesture.

The views from the top are spectacular.

I smiled out of the cab window and they smiled right back.

Another beautiful day in Paris. Today is supposed to be 72 degrees.
xoxoxo Rhonda


  1. Rhonda your photos are great!!! I am one of those people who cry for a good Kodak commercial! If I had laid eyes on the Eiffel tower in person I would have been in tears with emotion!! What an awesome sight! Just think of the history and the people and the romance of it! Great post and thanks for sharing it with us!
    Blessings and be safe!

  2. I had a similar experience. I wasn't thinking about the Eiffel Tower when we got to Paris - more of the museums and art galleries. Then, out walking the streets just after our arrival I caught sight of the tower and became so excited and emotional. So happy to 'meet' someone who would understand my excitement. Keep on enjoying your French experience

  3. Oh Rhonda, I am living vicariously through you. I think of all the gorgeous items you have created for us to see on your blog and purchase ~ and NOW. To see the photos you have taken of that grand, fabulous, historic Eiffel Tower ... it brings tears to my eyes. So ~ I can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. I am just so darn happy for YOU. Have a wonderful day as I have no doubt you will. A great big HUG. Marilyn

  4. Oh yes!

    I was so hoping you posted more of Paris today!
    Love your are taking me on a personally guided of charge and i oooh la love you for it!

    Have fun!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  5. chere rhonda...i can't tell you how happy it makes me to read these posts. oh must be in heaven? to actually SEE la tour eiffel for REAL must be amazing! sigh..sigh...sigh...soooooooooo wish i were there with you! :)

  6. Your experience so proves what I have said to so many people who criticize the French for being cold, unfriendly, or even rude. I tell them that people either rise or sink to your highest or lowest expectations. No the French are not effusive with strangers, they are a reserved and somewhat formal people, but that is not the same as being rude. A genuine smile will, 9 times out of 10, receive an answering smile. And how is that any different from home?

    I knew, Rhonda, that your joy and enthusiasm would bring out the very best in the French.

  7. loving your pics and stories rhonda! i remember our little lunch at essence bakery with janine and this trip was still a dream. now it's your reality, xo!

  8. ...all I can say is...

    I never realized the Eiffel Tower was sooo ~ LACEY!!!
    metal lace!!
    simply stunning,
    and OH! THAT VIEW!!!
    I have goosebumps, and THAT is not soemthing that happens everyday!

    thank you for taking a piece of me with you, as day one = an ethereal dress and day two = lovely laciness...

    kiss, kiss!!
    (do they still greet that way?? a kiss on each cheek??)

  9. all I can say is WOW

    I was up at 3:30 this morning with Brooklyn and couldn't get to sleep, I saw that you had posted and it was so beautiful to sit here in the peace of things looking at these photos.
    I hope you are having the time of your life girl!!!

  10. Like everyone else commenting here, all I can say is: WOW WOW WOW WOW!

    You are REALLY there! The views and the architecture are just fabulous! Your photos are amazing!

  11. Oh Rhonda,
    I feel I'm in Paris with you - your photos are amazing!!! Views from Tour Eiffel are fantastic - another perspective is Sacre Coeur.
    You'll love the walk up there through Montmartre as well!
    I love the French (of course I do I've got a French son-in-law and French granddaughters)!!!!!!

  12. Oh gosh, I am SO enjoying your Paris posts! sigh

  13. Oh Thank You, Thank you, Thank you for these gorgeous photos. Lovely post, wonderful memories.... just beautiful!

  14. Oh Rhonda, it is another beautiful day in Paris, I love your photo's of the beautiful Eiffel Tower, I love, love, the tower. Oh thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I am really enjoying it. Have another wonderful day. Hugs, Terri

  15. I love this post and the pics are great. I'm glad you're having a good time. Wish I was there.

  16. Rhonda, the smiling policemen photo is awesome!!! Isn't it amazing how the Eiffel Tower looks like chocolate:) I always thought it was jet black and to see it in person, to see it brown -- I was so surprised. GREAT pics! So nice to be traveling with you vicariouly!

  17. I am loving this trip to Paris. You never really think the tower is so huge seeing all those people underneath and the wonder Versailles the beautiful place of Marie *swoons*
    I am loving my virtual trip into Paris thank you

    Love Dawn x

  18. Fabulous photographs, Rhonda, great Eiffel tower pics. One of these days I have to visit Paris again as well, your enthusiasm is so catching.

  19. Rhonda, I know you must be jet lagged, exhausted and excited to the max all at the same time. Just wanted to let you know that if your ears are burning, it's cause I've been talking smack about you this a.m., flirting with the gendarmes in Paris:)hehee

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