Thursday, April 7, 2011

Versailles and Marie Antoinette

Versailles and Marie Antoinette today and I have the sore legs to prove it. I was not prepared for the size of it all. We rented the golf carts available, if someone had not told us you could rent them, we would have never known. No signs, no big arrow pointing to the carts - saying there's no way you walk this whole palace. There are tour trolleys but you cannot get off to tour anything once you are on.

We parked at the Petite Trianon, where else? It brought tears to my eyes, I touched the door handles, I touched the gate at the farm like buildings way, way, way in the back of Marie's Petite Trianon. Both are considered Petite Trianon and I'd really like to know where which building she lived in while she was there.

What a day, an incredible emotional day, touring where Marie Antoinette lived was the best part of this trip, so far. To say I walked where she walked is going to keep me happy for years to come. The birds were singing and I felt her presence, she loved her Petite Trianon and now I know why. The gardens, the sheep, the quietness was amazing. Spring was in the air and so many couples were kissing here. Awe.

Until tomorrow, Rhonda


  1. WHat a wonderful place to visit. I hope I get to go there one day. It looks so vast and the garden in your photo looks amazing!

  2. Oh sweetie, I have walked there ,too- it is amazingly beautifull- wish I could go again.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous and you described it so well! I love that you touched the handles and that it such an awesome experience for you!! Hope you're not sore today!! Take care...Doni

  4. simply amaaazing to think that she was once exactly where you are now! seems like a fairytail but it was all true and you are seeing it first hand and up close. lucky...lucky you mon amie! :)

  5. oh Rhonda, how amazing.
    you have described this so beautifully and I now have chills.
    To be there with such history,WOW!!!!
    I can't even imagine what it must feel like.
    Soak it in, soak it all in.

  6. SO glad you are having the most incredible weather - last week was rainy and cold, you must have brought us luck! I still get boosbumps sometimes while I am out shopping and it suddenly hits me that I am living in Paris!

  7. Oh my...thank you for sharing these photos...I am jealous! But happy for you. I will be there some day. I can't even imagine the beauty. Keep up the great posts! It's almost like being there with you.


  8. Oh how I long to go there.... one day. I am so glad that you are having a wonderful trip and I thank you for posting about your adventures. Stay safe my friend and may you find some amazing treasures while you are there. I can't wait to you get home and stock your shop up some. I need a Paris Gal fix, LOL. Enjoy! xoxo Rhonda...

  9. Hello Rhonda, Oh what a beautiful post, how I would love to go. Your photo's are so beautiful and it looks like you are having beautiful weather. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip. Have fun. Hugs Terri

  10. Magnificent. A city of beauty and historical significance and you are there in the midst of it all. Savor it my friend and thank you for sharing this exciting time of your life with all of us. Hugs, Marilyn

  11. Beautiful Rhonda!

    Both the place and your story were delightful!
    I've been writing all day, about the everyday...oh that i had Paris to speak of as you now do!

    Thanks so much for sharing the delights of Marie, and the chatm and romance of it all. I live through you.

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  12. Rhonda, I kept thinking about you in the back of my mind wondering when you were leaving and now I finally see you are THERE! So glad you are having a magical time. The weather looks to be perfect. I hope all the fountains at Versaille were flowing. Didn't have any mystical time warp visions like the two English school teachers, did you:)!

  13. Thanks for taking the time in sharing these lovely photos. I'm enjoying your posts.

  14. Oh how wonderful I know they limit photos sometimes but this is


    I love the colour and textures so delicious

    Love Dawn xx

  15. All the streets and wonderful cafe's oh I love ever photo. How amazing is Notre Dame in such wonderful condition ever statue what beauty

    Love Dawn xx

  16. I almost missed this post - don't know how!??

    Versailles IS unbelievable isn't it - to think that's how the nobility actually lived once.
    I was mesmerised just like you Rhonda, I can still picture in my mind everything about it - and YES those carts are a must at all the palaces you visit!!

    Fab photos for us again!

  17. Hi Rhonda, Loved reading your stories and adventures in Paris...I dream of visiting someday, but your wonderful photos felt as if I was there! Thank You for the dreams! and sharing your travels with us!

  18. Hi Rhonda

    It sounds like you had your dream come true. Paris is a beautiful city and I was only there for a couple of days. Did park the car and not use it - terrified of the drivers.

    I too would love to return to the flea markets.




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