Thursday, April 7, 2011

Versailles and Marie Antoinette

Versailles and Marie Antoinette today and I have the sore legs to prove it. I was not prepared for the size of it all. We rented the golf carts available, if someone had not told us you could rent them, we would have never known. No signs, no big arrow pointing to the carts - saying there's no way you walk this whole palace. There are tour trolleys but you cannot get off to tour anything once you are on.

We parked at the Petite Trianon, where else? It brought tears to my eyes, I touched the door handles, I touched the gate at the farm like buildings way, way, way in the back of Marie's Petite Trianon. Both are considered Petite Trianon and I'd really like to know where which building she lived in while she was there.

What a day, an incredible emotional day, touring where Marie Antoinette lived was the best part of this trip, so far. To say I walked where she walked is going to keep me happy for years to come. The birds were singing and I felt her presence, she loved her Petite Trianon and now I know why. The gardens, the sheep, the quietness was amazing. Spring was in the air and so many couples were kissing here. Awe.

Until tomorrow, Rhonda